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LADY CAPTAIN WEEKLY NEWS 18 September 2023 Hi from our lovely San Roque Club,What a fabulous week we had on tour to the Algarve. A huge thank you to the 23 ladies that accompanied me and got me back in one piece! It was certainly a fun filled few days with some good and some […]

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18 September 2023

Hi from our lovely San Roque Club,
What a fabulous week we had on tour to the Algarve. A huge thank you to the 23 ladies that accompanied me and got me back in one piece! It was certainly a fun filled few days with some good and some absolutely abysmal golf on 3 lovely courses that had stunning views. We had such a laugh both on and off the course and the hotel staff were so obliging. I think they are still recovering from our hilarities (especially in the bar).
We played a 4 ball better ball on day 1 at San Lorenzo, which was won by Amanda Stanford, Diane Harmer, Ann Middlehurst & Liz Griffiths.
Day 2 was a Pairs competition on the Ocean course with Nicky Triay & Diane Harmer the winners.
Day 3 was an individual competition with Diane Harmer coming in 1st place.
Player of the tour was Anne Middlehurst and 2nd was Ann Evans just beating Diane Harmer on handicap.

Thankfully, I had Nicky at my side and a big thank you for keeping the scores along with Amanda Stanford. The consensus is that we should go back next year – we eagerly await Nicky’s decision and announcement as I for one will be first in the queue!!
Meanwhile at home, Agi looked after the ladies on Tuesday with Tracey getting her first birdie of the year on hole 12.
1st – Agi Savitz – 35 points
2nd – Tracey Rogers – 34 points
3rd – Erna Van Den Steen – 32 points
On Thursday, a small field of 5 ladies Played with Tatiana Pogiba winning and Pat French coming second.
The September ranking sponsored by Abbeygate was played on Sunday with 23 ladies following 43 men!
So, a late finish for some! The weather was very overcast with the odd spit of rain in the air which is always welcome at this time of the year.
1st – Tatiana Pogiba – 37 points
2nd – Ksenia Yamilova – 37 points
3rd – Amanda Stanford – 35 points
4th – Anne Middlehurst – 34 points
Birdies from Amanda Holt on 16 and Ksenia on hole 15. 

Remainder of September/beginning of October)

We will be hosting the Sky Sports Junior European Open in November on the New Course so I will be asking for volunteers to help out marshalling, ball spotting etc.
Dates are week commencing 20th Nov – so watch this space! These youngsters are phenomenal and well worth watching.
Don’t forget Yoga with Belen on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

The Solheim Cup

The Solheim Cup is named after the Norwegian-American golf club manufacturers Karsten and Louise Solheim. The founders of the PING brand have been instrumental in ts development, including the addition of the PING Junior Event which is being hosted this year on the Old
Course at La Zagaleta.
The first Solheim Cup was held in 1990 at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club in Florida with the US Team cruising to a 11.5 to 4.5 victory.
Now, as per the Ryder Cup, there are 28 points up for grabs. Laura Davies holds the record for most Solheim Cup appearances as a player (12) and is also the record points scorer (25).
There has only ever been one hole-in-one at the Solheim Cup, that was by Anna Nordqvist in 2013 at Colorado GC.
The Solheim Cup has been contested 17 times;
USA currently leads Europe 10-7.
I know many of us will be supporting The European team this week; if not in person at Finca Cortesin, then at the club or in the comfort of your own home.
Come on Europe!! Its not too late to enter the final nine & Dine on Friday afternoon –entertainment from Elizabeth Zeder, a blues/jazz singer during & after dinner. 

Love you all – Linda xxx 

Course work :

– We will continue with the regular topdressing on greens next Monday on the New Course
– We ́ll also perform a greens and antegreens treatment with fertilizers on the Old Course on
.- On Tuesday we will do a light topdressing on greens and antegreens in the Old Course
.- On Wednesday and Thursday we will apply a foliar fertilization to the bermudagrass and tees.  

The post LADY CAPTAIN WEEKLY NEWS appeared first on The San Roque Club.

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