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MoI honors officers with higher degrees

Kuwait Times 

KUWAIT: Interior Ministry Undersecretary, Anwar Al-Barjas, congratulated on Tuesday officers Khaled Al-Ammar, Salem Suwaileh and Hamad Abu-Radan for graduating with a doctoral degree and two master’s degrees, respectively. Ammar received his doctorate on “Expatriate Workers and Their Effect on Social Change in Kuwaiti Society” from the University of Jordan. Both Suwaileh, who received his master’s …

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KUNA, MENA discuss boosting cooperation

Kuwait Times 

KUWAIT: Representatives from Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) and the Middle East News Agency (MENA), which is based in Egypt and run by the Egyptian government, met Tuesday to discuss cooperation in the field. Dr Fatima Al-Salem, KUNA’s director general, met with Tariq Hamdi, head of MENA’s office in Kuwait, to talk about enhancing relations between …

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Saratoga County unveils digital dashboard aiding in opioid education


Saratoga County officials unveiled a comprehensive, near real-time substance use surveillance dashboard today. Saratoga is the first upstate county to offer a dashboard like this which helps the county in its education, prevention, treatment, and response efforts in combatting the opioid epidemic.

Dog rescued after falling through ice in Dutchess County


A dog who had fallen through ice on Saturday was rescued by two residents and LaGrange Firefighters around 3 p.m. Two men entered the water on a small rowboat and eventually got into the dangerously frigid water before LaGrange Firefighters arrived.

15 Games Have Already Been Killed, And 2023 Just Began


We’re barely one-twelfth of the way through 2023 and a surprising number of games are already about to get killed off, as devs have announced their impending deaths. Normally, we’d reserve this list for the end-of-the-year round-up, but we’re ringing the death knell early because, with 15 games already lined up for…

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Japanese criminal ringleaders deported from Philippines

Kuwait Times 

TOKYO: Two of the four suspects believed to be behind a spate of robberies and telephone fraud cases across Japan were deported from the Philippines on Tuesday. Japanese news outlets and social media have been captivated by the crimes that allegedly involved ringleaders based in the Southeast Asian country. Low-level criminals arrested in Japan told …

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Heat trading Dedmon, second-round pick to Spurs for tax relief, roster space


The Miami Heat on Wednesday reached agreement to trade backup center Dewayne Dedmon and a 2028 second-round pick to the San Antonio Spurs for cash considerations. Among potential additions on the buyout market could be veteran power forward Serge Ibaka, who has been allowed to remain away from the Milwaukee Bucks until he is relocated. He then was suspended...

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Яна Чурикова о подражании Нагиеву, сексе на «Фабрике звезд» и романе Тимати с Алексой


Владимирская область приняла Чемпионат России по русским тройкам

Сводка ДТП в Зеленограде с 31 января по 5 февраля 2023 года

Суд арестовал мужчину, убившего своих пожилых родителей на юго-западе Москвы

После землетрясения: что такое афтершоки и почему они происходят

Один из основателей группы «Гуляй Поле» Владимир Бойко умер дома в Москве

DC rolls out the State of the Union drink specials for Biden address


Watering holes around the District are preparing Tuesday for a uniquely inside-the-Beltway tradition: State of the Union viewing parties. Several bars and restaurants around Washington are getting ready to offer patrons a potentially boozy experience as President Biden delivers his address before a joint session of Congress. At Union Pub on Capitol Hill, Biden’s address...

United States refuses to provide humanitarian assistance to Syria


WASHINGTON, DC - The global community has extended aid to Turkey and Syria following the devastating earthquakes that hit the region on Monday, resulting in thousands of fatalities. While many countries have come forward to offer assistance, the United States has declined to provide any support to Syria. The State Department says that reaching out to the Syrian government would be counterproductive at this time.


В нижегородском монастыре нашли старинную икону «Крест-Мощевик с предстоящими»

Губернаторы России

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Собянин анонсировал создание платформы электромобилей на заводе «Москвич»

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